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Are you looking for a freelance content creator? Keep reading to find out why I should be your go-to resource for writing, editing, and document formatting.

First of all, I can help you polish any kind of writing.

Communicating effectively through writing isn’t easy. Above all, consistency is key to increasing your content’s reach. Sometimes this means you need to stick to a particular style or word limit.

I’m comfortable with following standards like AP and APA Style. I love the Oxford comma! But if your house style requires you to avoid it, I’ll make it my mission to get rid of them all. What’s more, I’ll even let you know when we need to make an exception.

Meanwhile, some people just plain don’t like to write. If this is you, let me take that task right off your plate!

Second, I’m a content creator specializing in editorial and layout design.

Any content creation strategy needs a graphic designer. I can ensure that your content is both attractive and functional. Allow me to explain.

Attractive design makes your content more appealing to your users. However, functional design is just as important. Ensuring functionality helps users know exactly what to expect from your content. In other words, your audience will know how to navigate within your document, social media channels, or website.

Third, my ideation and organization skills are on point.

Throughout the years, I’ve collaborated with a wide array of creative and technical professionals. Consequently, I have learned to organize my work and provide creative solutions to everyday communications issues.

In short, my varied experience has strengthened my skills to prepare me to take on the challenge. Get in touch with me today.

I am a freelance content creator, resume writer, and graphic designer for hire.

Other content creation and related services

Need help with a larger project? Looking to hire or get hired? Well, I think you’ve come to the right place!

Strengthen your content creation process

Because I hold valuable experience setting up and managing teams to create content for print, web, and social media, I know I can help! For example, I can write job descriptions and SOWs, hire and onboard creative professionals, plan projects and budgets, and use the Kanban workflow to manage content and editorial calendars.

Hire me to build capacities within your team

Do you need to train your team to improve their documentation or content creation skills?What about strengthening their presentation skills? Need help planning a workshop for your distributed team? I can help. Contact me to learn more about my experience building capacities in corporate, academic, and on-field contexts.

Work one-on-one with a resume writer

I’ve been writing resumes for people around the world across industries and seniority levels since 2018. I specialize in two-page American-style resumes that show hiring managers exactly how you are a good fit for their open position. I have many satisfied customers using their new resumes to apply for jobs in the US and abroad.

Please feel free to review my website to get to know me and my working style. After that, if you like what to see, reach out to ask me for a proposal!

Content creator, resume writer, and graphic designer for hire


My content creator skills will benefit marketing and comms managers looking to inject new ideas into the content lifecycle. If this is you, you may need to outline for an article, map out storyboards for a video, or come up with fresh concepts for a campaign. I can help.

My resume writing skills are for people looking to work one-on-one for the best chance at landing an interview.

I also do some freelance graphic design.

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