Content Development

Meet strategic objectives for your website and social media with content development done right!

I have more than 10 years of experience developing content. I am also very comfortable writing for business process outsourcing companies, education, and international development organizations. That said, I never met a topic I wasn’t willing to research and take on.

Content development requires research, analysis, and structure!

You read that right. It’s not enough to be creative. A good content developer is able to research, analyze, and organize their time and work to meet your needs.

Sure, it’s essential to be creative when developing any type of content. But if your content is creative without taking your audience into account, you could end up with users who feel disconnected to your brand.

Think about this some more: you could have extremely creative content that also connects your users to your brand. But if your developer* isn’t organized, you may miss out on the right timing to distribute to your audience!

*To clarify…

When I say content developer, it’s possible your mind may immediately head over to the web development department. However, when I say content development here, the following are the services I am referring to:

  1. Content Writing: Content writing encompasses writing in many forms (blogs, articles, success stories, and others) and for various media or channels (social networks, corporate websites, news sites, and professional forums).
  2. Copywriting: Copywriting has its roots in advertising. It’s a form of writing that persuades your audience into taking a certain action, buying into an idea, or purchasing a product.
  3. Content in Spanish: As a native Spanish speaker, I can also develop your content (content writing & copywriting) for your Hispanic target audiences. Consequently, this means I offer the same service categories described above, en español.
  4. Localization into Spanish: Localization is not to be confused with translation. While translation means making a document available in a second language, localization means transferring the experience of your content into another language and culture.

What are you waiting for? Hire me to develop (research, analyze, and structure) some excellent content for you!

Were you expecting to see another type of content development service listed above? Get in touch; I might be able to help.