Let’s polish your career documents together!

Your career documents should help position you as a viable candidate for that dream job!

I have been writing resumes and CVs for people around the world across industries and seniority levels since 2018. Let me help you polish your career documents for your next job search!

Stand out with a tailor-made career documents package.

Because my process for any personal marketing document involves working in close consultation with you, you can rest assured that the content I deliver is tailor-made. I take your experience and your personal stories and use them to carefully craft each sentence or bullet point.

This means you can say goodbye to template content, and therefore feel truly prepared for that interview you’re sure to land when recruiters are able to match your qualifications with the position they’re looking to fill.

I can support your job search.

Here are the different types of specialty content services I offer that can help you market your professional trajectory:

  1. Resume Writing Services: A resume or résumé is a type of career document that summarizes your qualifications and relevant work experience. Therefore, a resume should not be a complete work history. You would use a resume to apply for most jobs in most industries.
  2. CV Writing Services: A curriculum vitae (or CV for short), on the other hand, is meant to be a complete history of your work experience and often includes other sections such as publications. You’ll typically need this type of document to apply for an academic position or graduate school.
  3. Cover Letter Writing Services: The cover letter hasn’t fall out of fashion yet. Most employers are still requesting some form of the cover letter, and they expect to hear an even shorter, rationale as to why you’re applying to that particular role, in that particular company.
  4. LinkedIn Profile Writing Services: Are you on LinkedIn yet? This platform is super relevant when searching for a job. However, with more than 660 million users connecting from over 200 countries around the world, you must make sure your profile stands out. Hire me to help make this happen for you!

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The best part about my career documents services is I can work with newly grads and seasoned professionals alike. I can work with someone who has been in the same industry for years or support you in your career change.

Interested? Reach out to me for an estimate. Still not sure I can help you perfect your docs? Review some of my testimonials.