Content creation is an important part of strategy

Meet strategic goals with content creation done right!

Do you need to take some pressure off of your marketing or communications team? Maybe you’re not ready to invest on a full-time resource to create content for your organization. If this is you, keep reading to find out how I can support your strategy.

Content creation requires more than creativity!

Yes, creativity is crucial. However, it’s not enough.

I’ve been creating content for more than 10 years now. I’m comfortable working with small business, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. I never met a topic I wasn’t willing to research and take on.

Curious yet? Keep reading!

Here’s how I can support your content marketing strategy

First, I partner with you to get on the same page. Second, I steal away to research, analyze, and organize. Finally, I execute on your behalf.

My content creation process first involves partnering with you to understand your vision and reach consensus on goals and other project parameters.

Below are a few of the services I offer.

  1. Content writing: This means writing in many formats and for different media or channels. To clarify, I don’t just mean documents. I write for video, audio, and live events, too!
  2. Copywriting: This type of writing has its roots in advertising. In other words, it’s meant to convince your audience into taking a certain action. This could mean buying into an idea or purchasing a product.
  3. Content in Spanish: As a native Spanish speaker, I can also develop content for your Hispanic target audiences. In other words: I offer the same services described above, pero en español.
  4. Localization into Spanish: Localization is not to be confused with translation, which means making a document available in a second language. Instead, it means transferring the experience of your content into another language and culture.

To sum up, I go above and beyond to serve my clients. Certainly, I strive to remain communicative to let you know how things are progressing. But my secret sauce is leveraging research, analysis, and structure on your behalf. As a result, you get quality content creation when you hire me.

Were you looking for another type of service? Learn more about me by checking out my document preparation services.

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